About me

Daniel Mustran, pipemaker


My name is DANIEL MUSTRAN and I was born in Germany in 1975. A year or so, after I was born, my parents moved to Croatia where I am living since.

I have a degree in electronic engineering and I am currently working in transformer station maintenance.

For years I was interested in hi-fi electronics especially tube electronics and I am specialized in audio amplifiers – developing them from scratch into fine pieces of equipment that are able to produce “music” with emotion and accuracy.


During my whole life, from the time I can remember, I was fascinated with pipes and people smoking them. From time to time, I have been fortunate enough to get the chance to talk with guys that were smoking them. I liked it a lot – the smoke, the “ritual” wrapped around it, everything. But, what I liked the most was the sense of peace those guys had while smoking those beautiful pieces of functional art. As this is what pipes truly are.

I started making pipes in spring 2010 and finished my first pipe on Aug 13th. Since that time i am in a close contact with several pipemakers and now friends (this happy group is growing more and more) exchanging informations and knowledge all the time in attempt to make my work look and smoke better each day…

This homepage is all about those small, fine pieces of functional art, Mustran tobacco pipes – I hope You will like it and I invite You to explore it. I also hope that You will be able to feel the amount of energy and joy invested while making them – personally I feel them to be truly parts of myself – a way to express myself through making them.


In January 2019. i was invited and have been able to visit three pipemakers in Denmark – Joao Reis, Kai Nielsen and Manduela Riger-Kusk.

I am forever grateful for the friendship and time i was able to spent with them and learn a little bit from them. Hopefully in near future – i will be able to do it again. Denmark and people i met there are simply wonderful!

In April 2019 The Pipes Magazine Radio Show with their host Brian Levine made an interview with me which was a great great honor for me… Here You can check that episode (please check the rest too). Link here


There are few persons I have to thank for the support and much more – my parents and especially to my children who are eternal inspiration and give meaning to my life. 

All those pipemakers i met since the day i started making pipes that helped me develop where i am now – thank You all so much.

And not to forget, I have to thank someone that actually started the wheel to spin – Vince, thank you…


A quote for the end of this section: „What we do in life echoes in eternity“,  Gen. Maximus (Gladiator movie)….

Articles online/ opinions:

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Nov.2011 – Alternative Shape Award(Pfeifenmacher Forum) Aug.2011 – Shape & Decor Award (Pfeifenmacher Forum)
Jun.2011 – Decor Award (Pfeifenmacher Forum)

Feb.2013 – Shape Award (Pfeifenmacher Forum)

  Award for the most interesting product on Artisan Fair in Osijek, CROATIA