Guarantee, Grading and Numbering

We would like to believe  that the pipe purchased here will offer You the aesthetics, engineering and smoking qualities You were looking for. If You are not satisfied, please feel free to return it in it’s original, unsmoked condition within 45 days after we send it to You and we will give You a full refund or exchange.

Briar pipes can last a lifetime if we care for them properly. On very rare occasions,pipes might burnout due to a hidden flaw within the briar. In that case, if the pipe has been properly maintained, and burnout still occur, please return it within one year for replacement without charge. 

Shipping, customs or any other charges other than pipe itself are non-refundable. All the refunds will be made in the same form as payment received unless specified by customer. We recommend insuring the return as ND Pipes cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected returns. Our goal is to make a good pipe and have a satisfied customer so we are sure that everything can be solved in a good and nice way for both sides involved. Because of this, please free to contact us by e-mail if any questions are left unclear.

Grading regarding quality (Material=M, Grain= grain, Shape=S)

A – M= no flaws G= exceptional S= exceptional
B – M= no flaws G= good S= exceptional
C – M= no flaws G= exceptional S= good
D – M= no flaws G= good S= good
E – M= tiny flaws G= exceptional S= exceptional
F – M= tiny flaws G= good S= exceptional
G – M= tiny flaws G= exceptional S= good
H – M= tiny flaws G= good S= good
I – M= more flaws G= exceptional S= exceptional
J – M= more flaws G= good S= exceptional
K – M= more flaws G= exceptional S= good
L – M= more flaws G= good S= good


My pipes don’t have numbers. Only the year of making. For example a year 2011. will get number: 11

The complete code

If a pipe has been made in the year 2011. and has a good grain but a tiny dot or two on the material,  the shape is well executed, symmetric and nice the code for this pipe should look like: F11



Since i started making pipes, my skills progressed more and more. This means also that pipe grades are having higher standards now then they had before. This also means that grades i provided before might not be correct anymore. Especially when i think that my skills will develop with time even further…

For this reason, i stopped marking my pipes with that complex grading system from above – all of my pipes are of the highest quality made with the given material and skills of that time when they were made. I have left only two grades.

One that has only ND Pipes logo with year of production and the second grade, a bit better and more complex one that also has my surname stamped on the pipe.. Those two grades are now the only gradation systemthat i am using for now.



Nowadays – my pipes only have a “MUSTRAN” logo and a year of production number…. nothing more… i always try to make the best pipe i can at a given time… the rest is not so important imho.

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