Written on: January 2019 by Roland Doll, U.S.A.

Daniel’s pipes smoke well. He operates from a simple premise of starting with a straight line and going from there. The designs are eloquent and functional. The color contrast are pleasing to the eye.
The workmanship is suburb and the grain flawless constantly searching for
the perfect briar to start from. 
He is a perfectionist only allowing his personnel best to be sold.
Would recommend his pipes to anyone that really appreciates a work of art and willing to smoke it.

Written on: April 11, 2013 by Stephen T. Olin, USA
ND Pipes P0713

Daniel, my friend:

The package/pipe arrived Monday! I have been working 15+hours/day, so did not have a chance to “properly” open until last evening late. First, the bamboo pipe box was so over-the-top cool, that I had to simply admire it for awhile before opening!! Then, the unveiling took place—what a gem!! The pictures did NOT do her justice, as you said. The weight and hand-feel were sublime. The grain pattern and color were spot on and outstanding! The draw was excellent, although I have NOT yet put tobacco in her bowl. She is equal to or exceeds any of my Danish, Italian, or Japanese pipes! I definitely want to remain on your “A” list! Thanks so much for this gift. Congratulations on your Registered Workshop. Your friend, Stephen

Appendix, April 18th

It is a very special moment in time, when an artistic masterpiece is also supremely functional. The christening was comprised of a bowl of FMOT (Frog Morton), a touch of yellow flame, a gently draw, and a puff of ecstasy, which lasted until the final ash. Well done, my friend, very well done indeed. Stephen


Written on: March 20, 2013 by Duane Perkins, USAMustran tobacco pipes
ND Pipes P0513 &P0613


Daniel my Friend,


I’m sorry I forgot to tell you when the pipe arrived last week but that delay gave me a chance to smoke it a couple times.  First I would like to tell you just how amazed I was with the pipes when I opened the package.  You can take everything nice I have ever said about your pipes and double it! J J This my friend, is probably the most amazing pipe it’s ever been my privilege to own.  Like the volcano pipe, I can see the attention to detail and the time and care you have put into it.  WOW!!!  This is now probably my favorite pipe I have ever owned (and I have a few) ;P ;P  It was larger than I thought but that makes it even better than I was expecting.  I loved the pictures but even they didn’t do it justice. J I rated this pipe 100 out of 100 in my database (the volcano was a 99 just so you know).  I only have only five other pipes that has scored high as them (out of about 400).  I have been collecting pipes my whole life (well, since I was 17 that is) and I have found only one other artisan that has scored as consistently high as you have (out of just over 100 different pipe makers).  Your consistent quality and designs are absolutely great (now don’t let that go to your head). 😛 😉 heheheh


I also wanted to let you know that the pipe smokes great also, as does the volcano.  Your pipes have a very smooth draw and are very comfortable to hold and to smoke.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  You have made me a very happy pipe owner and I can’t wait until I get the chance to possibly get a couple more of your wonderful pipes.  Please let me know when I get back up to the top of your waiting list and if you happen to have a pipe without a perspective owner, I would be very interested to take a look at it.  Thank you once again for your time and effort, it is very much treasured.


Your Friend,



Written on: October 23, 2012 by Darrell Kaiser, USA
(posted on Brothers of Briar forum – attached here with the permission of Darrell Kaiser)

ND pipes P3912

Woohoo mail came in today and in it was a box from Croatia. Excitement ensues. Upon opening the box I was greeted with the bamboo container that ND pipes come in which is very unique. On opening the container I found a nice large pipe sock big enough to hold my 747 Magnum and inside it was this beautiful pipe. I have enjoyed looking at Daniel’s pipes and love the design he applies to them all. This particular pipe is fairly heavy with beautiful grain. The rusticated shank area contrasts nicely with the bowl and the bands and the way it flows up the back of the bowl is striking. The signature is at the base of the shank on the bowl and is very subtle, but unique. The entire pipe from bit to bowl is shined up to a awesome gloss. The 7 bands contrast each other and just plain look amazing. Looking into the bowl it is drilled at a bit of an angle which is nice and the draft hole is centered and at the heel of the bowl. Looking to the stem there is a bit of gap between the stem and stummel but it appears to be by design with the last black ring not being impacted by the stem. It is a short stem but the design looks as though it will be comfortable while clenching. Upon removing the stem I found an integral tenon that fits tightly in the mortise. Shining a flashlight down the stem, like I always do, shows perfect drilling.

A quick load of Frog Morton’s Cellar, which also came in today, and away we go. Initial light is nice and easy with a draw that is wide open. I am actually relatively certain I won’t need a relight to keep this one going already. Holding it in my hand while lighting it the bowl fits very comfortably in my hand. Now hanging the pipe I am very surprised at how easily this baby hangs.The design is as such that the raised portion of the stem sort of sits against the bottom portion of my lip and the bend goes out perfectly to keep the bowl level while smoking. It seems I am on a kick of forgetting to mention wall thickness as of late, but this one has a medium thickness wall that barely any heat can be felt through. Puffing a little quicker to try and see what she can do and I am still unable to feel any real heat through the walls, so back to sipping. Oh, it is probably 78 degrees out with just a slight breeze here this afternoon. A tamp about a 1/3 of the way through and she is still going strong. I am holding it now and it easily rests between the pam and thumb to enable me to still type without much effort. I was concerned at breaking her in with FMC due to some reviews but I have to admit I am pleasantly surprised by FMC and it does pair well with this particular pipe. I have lost track of time but I am now 3/4 of the way through the bowl and there is still no heat to be felt on the outside of the bowl. I am very impressed at how easily this pipe hangs and even more impressed at how well it smokes. I have not a qualm in the word with anything about it so far. Considering I just popped this tin today the toby smoked all the way down to ash.

Oh…yeah the hat is the new one and it is covering the shaved bald head I now have. No thinning hair or anything just felt like taking a razor to it.

A dump of the little bit of ash in the bowl reveals an even burn with no hot spots on the interior walls. Inside for the cleaning and….the pipe cleaner goes from bit to bowl without an ounce of effort. The pipe smoked great and I am thoroughly impressed. A dang fine job Daniel.

Again for those of you who are considering a new pipe I strongly urge you to consider taking the time to read the reviews and look at pics of pipes our brothers and sister here on BoB have created and consider one of them as opposed to a mass produced model. Supporting our brothers here is just awesome.

Written on: July 17, 2012 by Rolf Hey, Tasmania, Australia

I first became acquainted with Daniel’s work on the “Tamp and Puff” online forum and was impressed by his unusual designs.
As a pipemaker and collector myself I’m always looking for new and interesting designs.
I decided to purchase one of Daniel’s pipes recently and I’m very happy I did!

The pipe came beautifully packaged. It was carefully wrapped in the the traditional pipe bag which was then encased in a sturdy little bamboo box .
Daniel also supplies a certificate of authenticity , a bonus for any collector!
The workmanship and internal engineering of the pipe itself is without fault . The briar is of a high grade and finished to a superb standard.
This pipe smokes effortlessly with no signs of gurgle.
I have no hesitation in recommending Daniel’s pipes to anyone – you will not be disappointed!

Rolf Hey
Tasmania Australia

Written on: March 15, 2012 by John Paul Charmo, U.S.A.

This Pipe (P3911) was made especially for me by my good friend Daniel according to the specifications I provided and it turned out EXCELLENT! It is one of the BEST smoking pipes I own. I have gotten allot of great remarks from allot of my pipe smoker frieds here in the USA. Not only is the craftsmanship great but the style and white stem accents the pipes features to make it a luzury pipe and a pipe of class. When I am out in public or among my friends they all ask me who carved that pipe as they never saw such a nice pipe. The grain and color is awsome and makes the pipe stand out from the rest!  The pipe is a thick bowl one and does NOT get hot when smoking at all. Plus with every pipe he makes he ships it with a hand made wooden case to protect the pipe. I would highly recommend buying a pipe from Daniel as he definitely is one of the great pipe carvers around and You will NOT go wrong with one of his pipes and the prices are great and NOT over priced as other Pipe Makers. (…) I give Daniel 5***** Stars and I think you will too if you try one of his pipes! Thank You Daniel and keep up the Good work making great pipes!

A Pipe Member of the ISS Saloon and US Pipe Smokers Assoc.
John Paul Charmo

Written on: March 03, 2012 by A. Hellsten, Finland

I have about  20 pipes collection whit various manufacturers briar pipes. I am pleased with simple and smooth forms. Before this, I did not have any completely hand-made pipe. Then I saw this Bumblebee pipe and it was love at first sight. I was fascinated by the personal forms and olive wood material.

Bumblebee is a small size pipe but sits well in the hand. It smokes steadily from the top to the bottom, there is no need to re-lightning at all. As the first smoke with briar pipes there often is a little bitter taste, but this does not happen  with olive wood. It is straight ready to be burned and the emphasizes of tobacco flavors nicely. In the future, I’m going to buy more tobacco pipes made of this material it’s so beautyfull all the ways. I am a happy and very satisfied owner of  well made pipe. Good job indeed.

A.Hellsten, Finland

Written on: December 21, 2011 by Peter Reuschling, Pfeifenmacher Forum, Germany

Mustran tobacco pipesEiner der auffälligsten und schönsten Entwicklungen eines Pfeifenmachers in diesem Jahr ist an den Pfeifen von Daniel …(tNd Tobacco Pipes) aus Kroatien zu sehen.
Anfänglich waren Daniels Pfeife eher als “rustikal” einzustufen. Manchmal etwas zu verschnörkelt. Aber nach und nach hat sich das geändert und heute ist die Situation eine ganz Andere.Noch immer bleibt das Rustikale vordergründig. Schaut man dann genauer hin, verliert sich der Eindruck wieder, dann kommt eine sehr moderne Komponente hinzu. Modern UND rustikal? Wie geht das? Ja, das scheint die Kunst zu sein. Daniel beschränkt sich auf bestimmte formgebende Elemente und wendet diese spielerisch immer wieder an, in zarten Varianten. Offenbar lernt er daraus, was seiner Formsprache entspricht und verfeinert das. Und so entwickelt er klammheimlich eine völlig neue Sache.  

Das wird einem klar, wenn man einmal an Jugendstil denkt. Auch da wurde sehr dynamisch etwas ganz Eigenes geschaffen, was traditionell und modern zugleich war. Deshalb denkt man auch bei Daniels Pfeifen immer an Jugendstiel, auch, wenn die Pfeife eigentlich gar nichts damit zu tun hat.

Daniel hat nach und nach seine Formsprache gefunden, die Kompositionen wirken wirklich professionell und werden ohne Strukturverlust immer gefälliger. Ich habe das mit viel Interesse und Freude beobachtet. Ich werte dabei gar nicht, ob mir das selber gefällt (obwohl dem so ist!) das ist gar nicht wichtig. Wichtig ist, dass uns Daniel eine ganz eigene und neue Stilrichtung schenkt, über die sich nachzudenken lohnt.

Written on: December 21, 2011 by Mate Zivkovic, Croatia

P3311 and P3411

What can I say? When Daniel showed me a picture of the half made pipe,I was immediately attracted to it.. So, I made my reservation and my intuition didn’t fail me out. The pipe came out very nice. It was my first tNd pipe.
The pipe is a smoking machine. Right from the first bowl. It smokes very dry and cold so, obviously, this is a very good piece of briar with a lot of empty cells inside.
It is important for every pipemaker to know how to choose his briar. Was Daniel just lucky or really knows his thing time will tell, but after this pipe I chose to buy another from him and it smokes just as good if not even better.
The engineering on both pipes is also very nice, with no missdrilling or cracky drill. The mouthpiece, one of the most important parts of any pipe is very comfortable and thin enough and when the pipe is bettwen your teeth – it holds it firmly. Even though, it is acrylic.
Well done Daniel!
For all of you, if you see a tNd pipe and you like the design of it, don’t hesitate, buy one, because there is a big chance you will buy a smoker!

Written on: November 27, 2011 by George Taylor, U.S.A.

P2911 – Olive wood pipe

I was able to smoke my first bowl in the Olivewood yesterday and to say I was impressed would be an understatement. The feel of it in my hand was very comfortable and the draw was very smooth, like easy, relaxed breathing. I can tell by both qualities how much devotion and care you put into making it. Couple this with the artistic beauty and lines of the pipe itself, and I can only count myself fortunate to own one of your pieces of artwork.

Written on: August 13, 2011 Travis Keltner, Tx, U.S.A.

P1911 “Caradhras” and P2111 “Cobra freehand”

So my 2 new tNd Pipes from Croatia made by Daniel arrived today.He kindly asked me to review them if I had a chance. I made a YouTube video to give my first impressions. Both pipes are really amazing. … Immensely happy with my purchase of them and can’t wait to actually smoke them. Once I do that I will write a further review letting y’all know more about the pipes and how they smoke.  

You Tube video :

The pipes took quite a bit longer to arrive than either Daniel or I thought they would take. He was very worried that they had gotten lost or damaged in the mail. Without even asking he offered to refund my money if they didn’t show up after a certain point. Luckily they arrived soon afterwards and we didn’t have to go down that path. This is the kind of business ethics I look for in any company. Have no fear about ordering from Daniel, he is an upright and honorable pipe merchant whom I have no reservations about him making anything right that is needed should something go amiss in the purchase / shipment process.

Written on September 18

Wanted to give a quick update on these pipes. I have had them now for a little over a month and still pleased as punch with them. Both smoke really really well. I am still having a bit of trouble keeping the volcano shaped one lit easily, but when it is lit it smokes better than all my other pipes hands down. I have found it tends to favor some of the darker and earthy tobaccos and really brings out their flavors. I especially enjoyed the last of the Stonehaven I had in it.

The other pipe smokes almost as well. Super easy to light and a joy to smoke, only downside of it for me is I can’t hold it in my teeth, just a bit to big for that, but that isn’t really a complaint merely a fact based on size, shape, and weight. It has really taken to some sweeter cavendish blends like a champ and I pretty much only smoke those in it now.

I have never smoked any of the well known higher end pipes, but I would have no reservations about picking up another pipe from Daniel in the future should the money and availability allow.—–

Written on: July 19, 2011 Eric Heberling, EJH Pipes, U.S.A.

P1511 – Pikeman
Good morning Daniel! I wanted to get back to you regarding your pipe. I have finally burned several bowls of Chelsea Morning in her and I am very happy with the way she smokes. You drill your pipes very much like I do so it almost seems like I am smoking one of my own, which is a great feeling to me. I love your finish work – very smooth and no scratches, nicely done! The only thing that I might change is the thickness of the bit down by the button – but with the size and weight of that particular pipe I think what you did works just fine. Excellent job my friend, keep up the superb work and I hope that things continue to go well for you in the future. The hardest part for me so far is just getting my name out there and trying to get pipes into the hands of smokers. I am going to do a review for you on the forum as soon as time permits. Thanks much!!


Written on: July 19, 2011 by Maja Galic, Croatia

P1411 – Thor
My own beauty  .. it has a strong name but it’s so soft and gentle.. I’m smoking Thor right now and it is so easily to get used to it.. Daniel you have created a pipe that makes me pretty addictive to it..
Thank you my friend for being such a good carver and for sharing that creation with the rest of us.. its really a piece of art..
I just hope that the others will recognize values of your pipes and enjoy in it as I do

Written on: July 9, 2011 by Vincent Inglhofer, U.S.A.

P1711 – Acorn Octopus

My Dear friend Daniel,

I have smoked out of the Acorn Octopus prolly around 15 times so far.  I have to admit over the past 11 years smoking on numerous pipes…….The acorn Octopus is prolly my best smoking pipe.  I’d say its even better than my 2 Ser Jacopos.  It definitely smokes better than the Nording I bought last year in Germany.  It is one of the smoothest butteryest pieces I have ever had the pleasure to smoke out of. The custom tamper for the pipe works absolutely perfectly.  The coloring is truly unique, i dont believe i have seen too many that look like it. All in all a fantastic smoking pipe and a wonderful work of art and craftmanship. I truly hope that I will be able to acquire more here in the near future.  Thank you again for allowing me to be apart of your passion.
Vinnie Inglhofer

Written on: July 5, 2011 by Eric Hunt, U.S.A.

P1811 – E.T. (Extra-Terrestrial)

The pipe smokes clean and cool.  The briar used on the bowl is of exceptional quality that is impossible or highly expensive to acquire in the U.S.  The olive wood used in the bowl to stem extension has attractive color and pattern that sets the pipe apart.  The shape of the bowl fits well to my style of smoking, comfortably seating my index finger in the valley around and over the bowl in order to carburate the fire.  The material used in the stem is also of exceptional quality that has notable density when touched to the teeth.
Probably the best quality pipe that I have ever owned.
Eric Hunt

Written on: Apr 04th, 2011 by Guillaume Laffly, France

P0311 – Funny Alex


so, i have smoked the pipe twice. I think the briar is young, so there is a need to smoke it slowly … The taste is better on the second smoking, and i think it will continue to progress in that direction.

Clearly, it’s not a pipe that I can take in my mouth – the stummel is very long 😉

It smokes very good, no problem for draw. Mouthpiece is a little big large, but it is in acrylic, and normal for the weight.

I know that, in a little time, it will be a good pipe with virginias, and it’s a compliment 😉

It’s rare that I smoke the same pipe twice in the same day 😉

I know that I will smoke this one day by day – many days to come 😉

I love it 😉

Just seen your lemon pipe : very good idea, and beautiful pipe…


edit: a test of this pipe can be found here:

Written on: Feb 28th, 2011 by Igor Grginov, Osijek, Croatia

P0211 – Ugly Betty

Design/Artistry: 10 of 10. Pipe shape is really unique and original, when I saw it first, I knew she’ll be mine.

Value: 10 of 10. You can’t buy such an unique shaped hand made pipe for the price range $100-120.

Smoking Qualities: This pipe deserves pure 10 if you ask me, as it did break in gracefully and smoked excellently once broken in by my definition. If you insist upon tasting the true 100% flavor of the natural tobaccos and essences before calling any pipe “broken in”, like most all pipes take some time for, smoking a number of bowls to create a thin cake and imparting the tobacco flavors well into the bowl is required.

I made my personal smoking record with this pipe and have smoke it for more than one hour WITHOUT any relighting at all, for the FIRST time in my 1.5yrs long pipe smoking experience.

After all, it not just if the first 10 bowls smoke good; it is how well the next 1000 bowls taste that is most important. I think you can grow old with this pipe and she’ll still be an excellent smoker.

Written on: Feb 9th, 2011 by Vedran Sabo,Vukovar, Croatia


For the first time in my life I wanted to have a pipe when a friend of mine from work started to make them. My first pipe was the fourth one he ever made and to my opinion it did not take long for him to make it (he even makes them faster today). This pipe has been made from a plateaux block of briar and from the very beginning I had the privilege (by looking at photo’s) to check its development and making. Communication regarding the shape and how to gain a better functionality  of the pipe was from the very beginning extraordinary and resulted (to my absolute satisfaction) to the overall quality of the pipe.

Everything on it was made really good and with a lot of care and I like the final appearance very much. I was especially happy when I got it in my hands for the first time as it was looking even better than on pictures (where the shape and the final finish could not be judged correctly).

The pipe is massive, heavy, so I don’t have any problems with the heat. Because of its weight it is not to much comfortable to hold it with your teeth but rather relaxed with your hands while you slowly take those nice and cool smokes through it. It really fits like make for my hands specifically.

All in all I am very happy with it.


This pipe is my second pipe i have got from my friend pipemaker and it is made significantly different from P004. It is straight, smaller and very light pipe that, even if it is straight, can be hold between teeth very easy while smoking. It is smoking more hot than P004 and the reason for that might also be in not fully formed cake. Sometimes, while smoking, I just let her cool down a bit (although this is probably not necessary but I like to take care of my pipes really good allowing them to form cake slowly).

The quality of the briar of this pipe is far better than from my first pipe (having a lot better grain that is looking even better with a good staining job Daniel made on it).

It is smoking very easy and tobacco is burning really nice in it. The pipe is made in top quality (as the first one I got) and when I am checking other pipes my friend is making I can only say that the quality is his trademark.

I would recommend these pipes deeply, because when you got one, you will probably want to get another, or maybe even one more – as to myself (depending on my financial situation) I will for sure order at least one more pipe from Daniel)… Pipes do get look better in real life than on pictures.

Not long time ago, his homepage got online. I like it. It reflects the profesionality and quality his pipes have. Recomended!

Written on: December 15th, 2010 by DJ Bassett


Please thank your wife, your son and Vince for being your source of love, support & inspiration!

They have brought out one of what will be, if they are not now, some of the finest pipes I have seen!

Much good luck to you as you develop your artistry and skill!

DJ Bassett

PS, Tell Vince to keep that shoe with which he kicked you in the butt! It will go into a museum some day!