Breaking in a Virgin Pipe

Virgin pipes are pipes that don’t have any coating in their tobacco chambers. They are completely clean inside the tobacco chamber and bare wood can be seen. There are a lot of methods how to burn in a Virgin Pipe. We will mention only few of them like: –         coat the tobacco chamber with honey […]

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A Pipe for Japan initiative…

Few days ago a good friend of mine Enrico Marola started a Pipe for Japan initiative. The goal of this initiative is to motivate pipemakers to give one (or more) of their pipes to people that will be willing to pay 50Euros (or more) to the humanitarian organization of their own choice in order to […]

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New pipemaker on

A fine gentleman from, Mr. Guillaume Laffly, made a new page for a new pipemaker. Link is bellow – thank You dear Guillaume.

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Vulcanite mouthpiece maintenance – Keep them black and shiny

Written on: Tue, Feb 01, 2011 by tNd Sources: VegasSmokes,, Vulcanite rubber, unlike acrylic, is a material that is not completely stable. Saying this, we are talking about that not so nice green/brown color our mouthpieces might get over time. This is oxidation and it happens as a result of a chemical reaction of saliva in […]

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What tools do I need to buy to make pipes?

Written on: Mon Dec 31, 2007 by Kurt Huhn Source: Pipe Maker’s Forum I originally was going to post this as a reply to the question in the subject line, but I realized that if I did that, it might get lost to the annals of time, just as countless other answers to similar questions […]

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Why briar is the “best” pipe wood?

Written on: Sat Nov 20, 2010 by Sasquatch Source: Pipe Maker’s Forum I have noticed a large number of people interested in experimenting with woods that are perhaps more readily available than briar, or perhaps less expensive. I am going to try to summarize the reasons that this is by and large a waste of […]

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Making my first pipe

I would like to start this blog with presenting how I made my first pipe. What You can see on these first two pictures bellow is a briar piece of wood like I received it – it was ordered as a kit, prebored and the stem was fitted and bent. First, I was thinking about […]

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In this section You have the gallery of some of the pipes I have made… Pieces that are still available are noted as “available” – others are not. If You would like any of “non Available” ones, please send me a mail request and we will try to arrange something. Hope You will enjoy the […]

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For my pipes I am trying to use the best wood available to me. This is mostly the wood from Italy – well prepared and good in quality and taste which is very important to me. The drilling of the material is made using a cross vice and a drill press. I don’t use lathe […]

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Guarantee, Grading and Numbering

Guarantee We would like to believe  that the pipe purchased here will offer You the aesthetics, engineering and smoking qualities You were looking for. If You are not satisfied, please feel free to return it in it’s original, unsmoked condition within 45 days after we send it to You and we will give You a full refund or exchange. Briar […]

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